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Manufacturers of 3D polymer. Affordable Daylight 3D polymers for Liquid Crystal and UV 3D polymers for DLP and SLA 3D printers.
Manufacturers of 3D polymer. Affordable Daylight 3D polymers for Liquid Crystal and UV 3D polymers for DLP and SLA 3D printers. 3D Printer manufacturers. 3D printers. Liquid Crystal printer. Industrial 3D printer
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Liquid Crystal PRO


The Liquid Crystal Pro is a high resolution large format printer ideal for very large 3D printing requirements.  It uses our patent pending Daylight Polymer Printing technology.  Our wide range of polymers work effectively in the printer providing various properties including high strength, high toughness and high elasticity.  The Liquid Crystal Pro has a 470mm x 240mm x 340mm build volume and is very attractively priced.  It is ideal for architects, designers, engineers and industrial prototypers.  It can produce large objects at a fraction of the cost of other 3D printers.  The Pro is also ideal for making batches of smaller parts.  Whether you print one instance of a part, or fill the print plate with 50, the build time will be the same.


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Liquid Crystal Display

Integral to the printer is the unmodified, Ultra High Definition LCD panel used to cure the resin.  The 23.8” display offers 3840 x 2160 resolution with an XY pixel size of 137 microns, giving accuracy and fine detail.  High brightness and high contrast ratio also contribute to building faithful representations of your 3D models.

Strong and Reliable Drive Units

Two maintenance-free drive units feature in the Liquid Crystal Pro.  They use 2mm pitch lead-screws and anti-backlash lead-nuts for precise, repeatable positioning.  The extruded rail profile prevents misalignment.  Combined, they provide twice the lifting power of the HR.  Enough to move large, heavy printed parts whilst preserving small, intricate details.

Durable Vat System

The skin of the Liquid Crystal Pro vat is 100 micron FEP film, providing a flexible, non-stick surface to ensure good release of the printed part from the screen.  It is thick and tough enough to last for days of printing time.  Two Neoprene gaskets ensure that the vat is totally sealed.  The vat film and gaskets can be replaced as necessary to ensure consistent performance from your vat for hundreds of prints.

Large Print Plate

The Liquid Crystal Pro print plate is made from Aluminium tooling plate to ensure flatness.  The brackets are also Aluminium, so resistant to corrosion.  The print plate is perforated to allow resin flow and roughened to ensure good print adhesion.  The build area is 470mm x 240mm, giving you room to print whole arrays of small items or really substantial pieces.

Affordable Daylight Resins

Our latest daylight resins offer a range of hardness and flexibility, as well as colour.  The Liquid Crystal Pro is supplied with 5kg of Daylight Pro Firm resin in grey.  This is an ideal formulation for printing large items, making full use of the build volume.  All resin is water washable so there is no need for solvents in post processing.

Creation Workshop 3D Software

One year’s CreationWorkshop licence is included with the Liquid Crystal Pro.  Creation Workshop is a slicer and controller application for your printer.  It works on Windows only.  It allows you to import stl files, providing various functions for hollowing items, generating supports etc.  Once the model is prepared, generate slices and operate your Liquid Crystal Pro from the same interface.

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